Hi! I am Maria

Mother of five children, and grandmother to six. Robert and I have been married for 30 years. I was born and raised in Sweden, by Armenian parents. Therefore I grew up with two languages and two totally different cultures. At a very young age I was introduced to English as my third language. My experiences have taken me to multiple continents, where I have not just traveled to, but also lived.


This is me, thriving at a local farmers market.






I met my husband in the South, but we lived in Sweden the first 12 years of our marriage and then moved back to Utah. So here I am, a Swedish speaking Armenian (some Greek – great grandma), living in America. My English is not perfect, but instead my strength is different cultures and diversification. I don’t claim to know everything, but believe I may have few ideas about what life is all about. I have spend hundreds of hours of doing volunteer work in few non-profit organizations – which has helped me to experience life not only thru my own life, but thru other peoples perspective.



Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Over a decade ago I suffered from mental health challenges and was diagnosed with Severe Depression and Panic Disorder. It was a real rough time for our family, but I was able to receive great professional help. This helped me to gain tools needed to help myself  in moving forward. I was actually given multiple tools, but one has become my favorite. My favorite because it truly has helped me during rough times since then.  


Finding Something You Are Passionate About

At first, this task seemed really ridiculous to me. How could I find something to be passionate about when I could hardly function? I was trying really hard just to hang in there. I was a mother to five active children. At the time finances where hard. We had recently moved back from Sweden to US and my husband had just changed jobs. Our youngest was only a year old and oldest was the “exciting” age of 15. And to just add more fuel to the fire, I was being diagnosed with physical illnesses one after another. So you see, asking me to find passion in something seemed not even remotely possible. At the time I did not feel we could spare any extra cash, my health was not great and I had no free time. I struggled with believing I could learn new skills. 



Tools where given and I tried my best. Initially the first couple of years I struggled finding that balance between me and my mommy responsibilities. I found myself longing for a “getaway”,  a place where I could find some mental rest, a rejuvenation for the body and mind. I dreamed of faraway lands (Ironically I had visited many lands and I should have known that was not the answer). I wished for a bigger, prettier, and more updated house ( here too, I was seeing friends and family getting into debt for larger and updated homes, because of wants, without any real satisfaction). I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to be prettier and the list went on and on.


Life happens

Meanwhile life happens and I started discovering that some of my favorite joys in life were the simple things. Things like having a movie night with our kids, going to a local farmers market, letting the kids play in the park. I discovered that allowing myself to simply enjoy the present time as much as possible, regardless of our circumstances, I could find at least one thing to be  passionate about. Then thru series of positive events, I discovered what I have come to call my GREAT PASSION (other than my husband, kids and grand kids) –



“ I Put My Heart And Soul Into My Work, And Have Lost My Mind In The Process”.    –Vincent Van Gogh.


Since that day I have come to appreciate the simple things in life and I have become grateful for the beautiful things that are around us.  


“Life Is Really Simple. But We Insist On Making It Complicated”. –Confucius


Now I sit here and think to myself – Maria, there are literally millions of people that blog, why would my experiences, perspective and simple information be of any worth? Perhaps it is because, I do not claim to be an expert in any field.  But I have traveled on roads (literally) that at times have been out of the ordinary, lived and visited multiple continents and thru it all gained experiences and insights that has brought me on this path. I hope that you want to take this journey with me, so that together we can discover the path towards a simpler life.