Have you ever wondered what life was like for your grandparents or even their parents?

What was considered a fun weekend for them? Was it going to the movies perhaps, or maybe having a neighborhood potluck.

I have wondered this myself many times, and after visiting and interviewing dozens of couples and individuals, I have come to my personal conclusion. Life was simpler – not easier – but simpler.


Has Technology made it harder?

With all the gadgets and technology which we are surrounded with, you would think that life should be simpler for us, and yet it is not. Is it due to our own vain attitude and ability to complicate things, or is it that we are trying so hard to fill our lives with more than we need, believing that the more complicated it is the more it’s worth?

The real challenge is, finding balance in life while enjoying the small things, the small gifts that come to us in our daily lives. Is it possible that the little things can give us true joy? Is it possible that we don’t have to be a famous movie star or even the richest person in town in order to feel important and loved? YES it is. Most of us are JUST regular people. Most of us are JUST your everyday mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and children. But those things are so much more than just. Actually in this fast paced, sometimes crazy world, it seems as being just a mom or just a dad is just not enough. It is enough, and we are all enough!



Life is tough regardless what century or where we were born. I am very familiar with life’s challenges and have discovered that the only way I have come to terms with these difficulties is to simplify as much as I can. Simplified lifestyle, included but not limited to how I live, what I eat, how I dress and my relationships, while being mindful of my own needs and wants and then moving forward with a heart of gratitude.  I have noticed that it is in the very moment of having too much or everything, when I loose my ability to feel gratitude. Simplifying is not a fashion statement, it is a direction to a rewarding lifestyle for me.


My Hope

My hope with this blog, is to create a community for everyone to feel inspired and strengthened on their own personal journey.  We have become hardwired in our society to believe that everything good, healthy, inexpensive, nice or desirable is hard and complicated to obtain. But here is the thing, most of us are free to choose in regards to our relationships, health, finances, our belongings and lifestyle. But sometimes it feels as though we are alone in our hardships as well as successes. We question our self and own needs, because a lot of times it feels safer to follow mainstream, than to take the alternative road.

Let’s aim to become a group of people who will be the change that we wish we could see in the world, as Mahatma Gandhi said. Maybe, just maybe, by sowing seeds of gratitude along the way to growth, the road will not seem as rocky.