Simple Date Ideas For Married Couples

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Simple Date Ideas For Married Couples

I used to think that people who had been married for 30 years were really old. After all, my parents celebrated their 30th three months after we got married. At the time three decades seemed like a lifetime, but today it seems only like yesterday Robert and I were married. That said, I realize that not all marriages last as long or beyond, but I know it’s possible even in this complicated world which we live in today. We started our family right after we got married. So with little people constantly needing our attention we became very creative with our time. Even though we have never done long getaways from our children, we have always done the little things that has improved and sparked our marriage. We are not yet empty nesters, but we have much more flexibility and time.



There are several essential keys to a successful marriage, one of them is willingness to compromise by both spouses.  The point of bringing up the word comprise with date ideas is really simple. We are all different, not many of us have the same idea of what is considered fun and rewarding. Early on Robert and I both agreed that some of the most simple dates were the most satisfying to us. We have been on many different dates over the course of our marriage, but these are some of our favorite ones. Most of these activities are inexpensive or free. Regardless what dates you choose to go on, the most important thing is, to actually go on a date. Even if it means meeting up for lunch somewhere during work days.


At Home

  • Candle Light Dinners

Not all dates mean leaving the house. Our favorite date when our children were really young was, staying home for a candle light dinner. While Robert would put our already fed kids to bed at their usual time on a Friday or Saturday night, I would start cooking a meal (once I learned how to cook) for the two of us. The meals were really not particularly special or fancy, just better than spaghetti and chili. Candles on the table, and by the time the kids were sound asleep, our dinner was ready. No babysitting or restaurant cost, but still as rewarding and satisfying. An opportunity to enjoy a peaceful conversation without interruptions, you know what I’m talking about!

Candle light dinner at home

Candle light dinner at home


  • Movie Nights at Home

Pick a movie (preferably Romantic – but whatever makes you happy) just for the two of you and don’t forget all the yummy treats. Who says you need to go to the movies to have a great time?  Streaming and our couch = perfect date!

  • Board Game Nights

Believe it or not, this used to be another favorite one for us. Try Chess, Chinese Checkers and Othello!! It’s fun to experience each other in a mode of competitiveness. I wish I could say I am a good loser 😉 . Oh and don’t forget the treats!

Local Dates

  • Lunch at a Cafe

I love the charm of small ma and pa local cafes. They are usually more cozier and less expensive than a restaurant. Cafes usually have outdoor seating and offer a more unique experience. We think the customer service and the food is often much better.

  • Visit Local Farms

I remember the first time I came to the dairy farm Robert grew up on. I thought it stunk and was gross with cow poo. Since that day I have changed my attitude about farms. Now I  think visiting a local farm is an exciting date. I know this one might seem weird at first, but hear me out. We have visited fruit orchards and picked fruits, local goat farms and bought cheese and milk. How about local honey (I hate honey, but Robert loves it) or berries, to name a few. When we lived in Sweden, we used to take long drives to visit a local  mushroom farmer. We would end up with long pretty drive (lots of time to talk -okay, I’d talk and he’d listen) and fresh mushrooms to take home.

Experience farm life for few hours

Experience local farm life for few hours

  • Attend Local Festivals

There are several real fun festivals every year in Utah. Most of them are outdoors, but we also have one indoor Festival of Trees that we love to attend each year. If you have never attended one, give it a try. It brings such a good feeling of community involvement and identity. Often time these events run for few days and the hours are good. This makes it possible to attend regardless of schedule issues.

Local Festivities

Lehi City Days

  • Attend Local Plays

We have a local theater here in Utah that is Broadway worthy comparison (and I have been to Broadway in London), Hale Center Theater. The tickets are not the cheapest (cheaper than flying to London or New York, I think you would agree?), but we try to attend on special occasions. There are many other fun theaters around us. We also try to support the local high school performances. Often times these kids do an amazing job.

  • Attend Local Concerts

Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli anyone??? Concerts are fun. No doubt about that!! Music awakens so many feelings, anything from a walk down the memory lane to romance. I love music!!

  • Tour Open Houses

I’m talking about real-estate. Not many of us can build or move in to their dream home, but why not get ideas and make some updates. It’s a lot of fun to walk thru open houses, especially the new construction homes and get inspiration. Of course Robert always starts wondering and worrying about what ideas I’m going to get 😉 .

  • Visit Farmers Markets

I love walking by the booths and eating something locally grown or produced. The taste of freshness and variety. Attending a farmers market is not just for shopping, but to be able to support something we love, local farmers and entrepreneurs, is really gratifying for us both.

  • Visit Local Gardens

My favorite date is to visit gardens. I can’t express enough how peaceful this is. To walk thru beautiful flowers and the fresh air. Some gardens cost money to visit, while others are free. Strolling thru gardens gives a lot of opportunities to talk to each other, while discovering and learning of all the wondrous beauty of the botanical world.

Local Garden - Utah

One of many gardens we visited this year


“I’d Rather Have Roses on My Table Than Diamonds On My Neck”

-Emma Goldman


Back to Nature

Hiking in the nature

Hiking (or walking) in the Rocky Mountains

  • Walks

Go for walks in the park while holding hands. Walk around your neighborhood or a neighborhood you like. Stay off your phone (unless you’re doing a selfie) and listen to each other while walking. Take a moment to reflect on your goals and dreams as a couple.

  • Picnics

Be a kid again and enjoy a picnic. You can do a take-out or pack your own lunch. Smell the flowers or the ocean breeze. Kick a ball or play a board game. Go for a walk after lunch or just lay there and relax. We really don’t need to be too many miles away from home to discover, that the grass is really greener on our own side of the fence.

  • Hikes

I can’t believe I said the work “hike”. I used to be able to hike, but now I would really call it a walk. Either way, I love “hiking” along the river bends of the Utah mountains. I love getting away from the noise and hustle of the city. Trust me when I say, I used to not feel this way. But it’s amazing what age can do, but also when you discover nature, it is hard to go back to being indoors. Robert is a mountain guy. He could camp and lay under the stars forever, but I’m too much of a city girl for that, so we compromise by taking day trips up to the mountains.

picnic along the river

We love a picnic along the river or just going for a walk


Take Time Out

No matter what you choose to do for fun with your spouse, just do it!  Take the time out on your busy schedules to make sparks fly over and over again.  30 years can seem a long time, but for me it’s just a beginning. No one has a perfect marriage ( I mean NOBODY!), we all have to compromise, sacrifice and do our best to make it work. As the famous French poet Victor Hugo once said …


“How did it happen that their lips came together? How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the hill? A kiss, and all was said”.

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